Being born and raised in the Bay Area, I have a great appreciation for what this area has to offer to kids wanting to play soccer.  I grew up playing for Central Valley and played my high school soccer at Westmont High School.   I was lucky enough to pursue my dream of playing college soccer at San Jose State.  While I knew professional soccer was not in the cards for me, coaching and teaching was my calling.  I have been a special education teacher at Westmont high school for the last nine years.  Along with this I have pursued my coaching career as well.  I have coached the boys varsity soccer programs at both Leigh and Westmont along with the girls varsity team at Westmont.  I have coached club soccer at many different clubs dating back to 2008 and I am excited to begin this adventure with South Bay FC.  I hold NSCAA advanced regional coaching licenses.   I love what this club stands for I come from a career where I loved the game of soccer but I let myself experience more.  The balance I maintained in my life growing up kept me motivated to love the game and I feel that SBFC wants their players to achieve this balance.

I live in South San Jose with my beautiful wife Missy and my son Logan who is five and my daughter Emmy who is 3.  In my spare time I love riding bikes with my family and watching any soccer that come on TV.



South Bay FC is a community based 501c3 non-profit program that is devoted to teaching and nurturing the development of youth players. It is our mission to offer opportunities for players of all skill levels and experience, and to provide a positive learning environment where players can develop their technical skills and build a passion for the game. We offer all of our players the opportunity for growth and advancement in the sport, because we want each player to reach their highest potential.


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Come join our family and find out how we are different. Tryouts November 24th.

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Don’t be part of the problem, join the solution- South Bay FC.

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“...Let kids be kids.” We couldn’t agree more

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