Kristi is a Bay Area native who grew up in Los Altos. She was a tomboy from the start and always tried to keep up with her older brothers. While soccer eventually became her love, Kristi played every sport she could while growing up, and even played volleyball and ran track in high school. Kristi played club soccer for MVLA and Sunnyvale. She played High School soccer at St. Francis and then went on to play at Santa Clara University. She was a member of the 2001 National Championship team. After college, she was an assistant coach in the De Anza Force soccer club. After spending the last seven years as a surgical nurse, with an emphasis in Orthopedics, Kristi was noticing more and more kids coming in for major surgeries that were commonly associated with specialization and overtraining in single sports. She’s stepped away from nursing temporarily to spend more time with her family. During this time she began playing with some of the founders of SBFC. The mission of the club and the good people running it, has encouraged her to get involved in the effort to get kids to be a part of something different. Kids need a chance to play, to have fun and to develop a sense of competition, pride, and love for whatever activity they are involved in. SBFC is an excellent option for those looking to develop these characteristics while playing the beautiful game of soccer.



South Bay FC is a community based 501c3 non-profit program that is devoted to teaching and nurturing the development of youth players. It is our mission to offer opportunities for players of all skill levels and experience, and to provide a positive learning environment where players can develop their technical skills and build a passion for the game. We offer all of our players the opportunity for growth and advancement in the sport, because we want each player to reach their highest potential.


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Come join our family and find out how we are different. Tryouts November 24th.

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Don’t be part of the problem, join the solution- South Bay FC.

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“...Let kids be kids.” We couldn’t agree more

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