Kassie Doubrava Gray comes to South Bay FC to provide her expertise in the mental side of the game and share her passion to grow the game of soccer through community. She is our Mental Mindset Coach, providing all teams with sessions directed solely to the mental aspect of the game.

Kassie grew up in San Jose, CA, playing soccer from the young age of 5.  She played club soccer for Los Gatos United and high school soccer at Leigh High School.  She joined the Olympic Development program at age 12 where she climbed the ladder from District Team, State Team, Regional Team and eventually made the U18 National Team.  Kassie’s passion was always the camaraderie with her teammates. Kassie also played Field Hockey and Softball in high school, where she was able to add to her tactical game.  Kassie got a scholarship to UC Berkeley and played four years for their Division 1 program.

While at Cal, Kassie learned the value of having a strong mental game and was surrounded by amazing, independent  women who inspired her to giveback to the game and the community. She coached at Cal ID camps and ran clinics for inner city youth in Oakland.   Kassie graduated in 2004 with a BA in Interdisciplinary Field Studies with focus on psychology and childhood development. She then went onto San Jose State to get her teaching credential.

Kassie has taught elementary school for the past 11 years at Payne Elementary School. During the time her husband was playing professional soccer, she saw an opportunity  to get back into the game of soccer. This came from the recognition of how different the youth soccer structure is and has changed in the last 15 years. Kassie found Female Footballers in 2014. Female Footballers is an organization that provides mental skills training for competitive athletes. Kassie has worked with female players from many local clubs including, Los Gatos United, Liverpool, West Valley Vision, California Thorns, Almaden and the San Jose Earthquakes.  She specializes in empowering young female athletes to have more confidence, communication skills and a growth mindset. Kassie most recently took a part time job with Girls Leadership to further her education and compliment her teaching and coaching with their curriculum.

Kassie is married and has three adorable children. She comes to SBFC to help show families that there is not one clear path to success in soccer. She believes that passion is the main ingredient to longevity and success in the sport. Kassie hopes to help empower the players at SBFC to help create their own path, harness their passion and learn how to be good people first and foremost.



South Bay FC is a community based 501c3 non-profit program that is devoted to teaching and nurturing the development of youth players. It is our mission to offer opportunities for players of all skill levels and experience, and to provide a positive learning environment where players can develop their technical skills and build a passion for the game. We offer all of our players the opportunity for growth and advancement in the sport, because we want each player to reach their highest potential.


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